Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"He's gonna kill us all!"

We live next to the village idiots! Look what he did when he came home late last night. I was sitting in the front room with Vincent. We were watching a Regular Show rerun when all of a sudden we could see the porch glowing at us through the living room windows. We threw our shoes on and ran outside to find the neighbor burning a HUGE pile of leaves right next to the propane tank. Vincent thought it was mighty cool to see flames licking 20 feet into the lower branches of the pines. I on the other hand was dumbstruck that of all the places I could have lived in this entire country, site unseen, that I ended up next to this idiot. So after watching the flames belch into the sky for a while, Vincent got bored with dancing around the inferno and we went to bed. I hope my subtle rebukes and tidbits and hints about fire safety were not lost on either the neighbor or Vincent. Vincent actually said, "Dad, that tanks got gasoline in it doesn't it? He's gonna kill us all!" To which I replied, "Well buddy, its not gasoline but its just as dangerous. You are right, what he is doing is very dangerous but we have to make sure that we don't call him an idiot. Some people aren't very smart and its our job to help them learn when we can."

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