Friday, September 28, 2012

Dawn shared this really great story that I'm sure everyone can relate too.

One of her biology students is a techy, gamer, sci-fi kind of kid. Today he was complaining to Dawn that he isn't challenged in class. The other kids were complaining because they wanted more group work. So, Dawn killed three birds with one stone.

She split the class in half. Told them they were two teams of super hero's 
with powers that must relate to biology. Everyone had to have their own abilities and they must relate to the group.

A few minutes later Dawn noticed that the group with the gamer kid was gathered around him, listening intently. He was assigning biological super powers to each of the kids in his group one by one. He was now the center of attention and clearly a prized asset to the group of 15 or so students.

The other group was having fun, laughing and joking and making a bit of progress. Then Dawn noticed a few of them look at the other group, whisper to each other and suddenly they were totally on task.
A few moments later they asked if the gamer kid could help them with their super hero abilities. After some negotiating the two groups came to an agreement and the kid was allowed to help everyone. He, of course, had the most incredible super powers of all.

So, everyone got their way today and one kid became an unlikely super hero in the process.

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