Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shakin off the funk

We've been back in Wisconsin for less than 6 months and I've already had my first emergency room visit.


It was a real live, "Honey, get the car. I got to go to the emergency room," kind of moment.

I get lung infections from time to time. Actually twice a year for the past few years. Anyway, it got bad this time and my medicine at home wasn't doing the trick so a trip to the ER in the middle of the night was in order. They gave me all kinds of steroids and other medicine to get me back on the mend. I should be fine in a little while.

I'm ready to shake off this funk and get back in the game. I've been fighting this for two months. Its been a long two months. Even my cats are tired of it.

Our cat Jasper thinks the rattling in my chest is me growling. Jasper doesn't like growling. He bites me each time the wheezing gets loud. Then its time for me to take more medicine.

So with my new digs in Wisconsin finally coming together and my first ER visit out of the way I figure I should get back in the saddle and start writing. Please forgive me if what I'm sharing isn't up to par with my material from North Carolina. That place was something else. It seems almost like a dream. A hot, funny, wood tick, duck, snake, and chicken filled dream with a deep southern accent.

I was only there a year and a half but in that time I lived in two different houses. Raised chickens, kittens, snakes, ducklings, turkeys, turtles and rabbits. Was hospitalized once and sent to the ER 7 times, played wing-man for a 75 year old guy, almost got bit by a shark and attacked by pit-bulls.

Wisconsin isn't nearly as exciting. The best thing to happen to me so far is the raccoon who comes to my bedroom window at night to beg for food. He also  tries to bite the hell out of me. I named him Rabies.

Rabies doesn't like to be hand fed. I learned that the hard and painful way. He wants his food dropped in the space where the flies go to die. That space between the screen and inside window. (I took the screen out so he doesn't tear it up.) He is partial to peanuts, honey roasted, and goes bonkers for any kind of doughnut. He actually tossed an apple slice off the roof in protest when I tried to get him on a better diet. Bananas are also out of the question.

In the evening when I start to make dinner, he comes to the kitchen window and waits. If I don't open it and offer him something he gets cross and bangs on the window. If I wait any longer then he starts to yell at me. We've argued through the glass with each other over my offerings and his particular taste in people food. Oh well, at least Dawn eats what I cook.

Anyway, for what it is or isn't worth, I'm writing again.

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