Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Morning Conversations

Who puked on the floor, Mike?

Well, you aren't yelling at me so that leaves me out. My next guess is it's probably a cat. I mean, it could be a neighbor, but you aren't on the phone with the Milwaukee PD and I'm not teeing off on someone so I'm going to go with the cat.

I know that ya smart ass. Which cat is sick?

Honey, I don't want to play Sherlock the cat vomit Holmes right now.

Well, it's not a hairball.

Oh no, I don't need details, Dawn!

So who did it?

Listen, I left my magnifying glass and plaid earflap hat in the truck. Your guess is as good as mine.

I bet it was Jasper. He was rooting around under the sink last night.

Yeah, Jasper has Pika. He eats glue and Target bags.

Yup! It's Jasper. I just found a chewed up air freshener and he smells like an "April Morning Breeze".

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