Saturday, August 22, 2015

Neighbor Kids: 0 Mike: 1

Overheard the grandmother next door trying to call her grandchildren into the house this evening. They were being rather insolent. So I called to the youngsters, "Hey kids. Did you see the guy who's been in my yard the past few nights? I didn't really get a good look at him because he moves so fast. I asked him what he was doing in my yard and he just stood up, growled and jumped over the fence into your yard. I saw him again last night in your yard staring up at your bedroom windows." 

The kids left vapor trails behind them as they dashed into the house. The grandmother smiled and thanked me for telling her about the man. I said, "He's tall and pale with really long arms and legs. I couldn't really see his face. It looked like he kind of didn't have a face. I don't know. It was dark. But that guy can really jump so just watch out and keep the kids inside when its dark outside." 

Grandmother next door:1
Noisy neighbor children: 0
Mike's peace and quiet: 1

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