Friday, May 18, 2012

A fluttering/buzzing/carapace-spinning-upside-down-on-the-linoleum sound

I walked into the kitchen around midnight and saw our two biggest cats and the smallest dog staring at something by the kitchen island, between the island and stove. I figured it was a different pet. But then whatever it was made a fluttering/buzzing/carapace-spinning-upside-down-on-the-linoleum sound AND ALL THREE ANIMALS BACKED UP! Well, I didn't even bother looking. I turned and quickly walked back to the bedroom and it buzzed again! LOUD! So I half trotted down the hall and was going to close the bedroom door but I had to wait for TWO CATS AND A DOG, who were hot on heels, to get in the room. I had barely closed the door and threw a pair of pants in front of it when I looked up and all three were laying on my side of the bed looking at me like, "We are not moving. You had to move to the south. Well guess what? This one's all you bro. It's midnight, we're tired, and that thing is big as hell. Handle it!"

So I just slid them over and tried to go to sleep like it never happened.

In the morning......Dawn will stand right where the demon was and make her coffee.
If she calls for me I will come running all brave, because its daylight, with pants and boots on, with a hammer, and a bible, and I will save the day.

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